Actions and means involved

Elaboration of existing data (4 months)

B1-B3 will be implemented by Ecorecycing in coordination with HTR

B1 Analysis of HTR lab results for Si-based and CdTe panels

B2 Market trends

B3 Preliminary economic feasibility

Photovoltaic panels retrieval and characterization (28 m)

Green Engineering and Eco Power will be involved in panel retrieval and HTR in characterization

B4 Photovoltaic panels retrieval and classification: crystalline and amorphous Si panels, CdTe, CIG and CIGS for pilot plant experiments

B5 Retrieved panel characterization

Process and plant design and realization (16 m)

Pilot plant for the pretreatment section (including shredding, EVA dissolution, milling, sieving) will be designed by Eco Recycling and built in INDUSTRIAL SITE OF ECO RECYCLING where waste storage is allowed, wastewater treatment facilities are already available, and the mobile pilot plant for chemical treatment (built with the cofinancing of a previous FP7 project, Hydroweee, and co-owned by EcoRecycling) is going to be moved. Then design and realization of the pretreatment section andintegration with the mobile plant for chemical treatment will be the specific object of the PHOTOLIFEproject

B6 Process design

B7 Pilot plant design

B8 Pilot plant construction

Pilot plant experiments (16 m)

B9 Disassembling and physical treatment: optimization using Si-based panels and CdTe panels

B10 Chemical treatment: optimization using Si-based panels and CdTe panels

B11 Wastewater treatment: optimization using Si-based panels and CdTe panels

B12 Experiments using innovative photovoltaic panels (CIS and CIGS)

B13 Product Characterization

Economic analysis (4 m)

B14 Economic analysis and management strategies

Lab scale tests with innovative types (17 m)

These activities will be implemented by HTR in laboratory scale

B15 Physical pretreatment and Chemical treatment

Monitoring phase (32 m)

C1. Environmental assessment of the project impact;

C2. Assessment of socio-economic impacts of the proposed pilot plant


Dissemination phase: mailing list; project brochure; partners’ website; project website; notice boards; layman’s report; publications, fairs and conferences; mid-term seminar, open days, visits on

demand, final conference

Project management and monitoring of the project progress: project management, audit, afterlife communication plan and networking with other LIFE projects.