Networking activities will be implemented aiming at creating new connections with other LIFE projects involved in the recovery of fractions similar to those recovered from panel treatment in Photolife project. More specifically networking actions will be potentially performed with the following projects:

  1. LIFE for life's material - Titanium life in titanium hands: advanced use and reuse. LIFE13 ENV/IT/000593.
  2. AUTOPLAST-LIFE Recycling of special plastic waste from the automotive industry. LIFE13 ENV/IT/000559.
  3. Flat to Flat  - Demonstration of an innovative fine crushing method for glass and alternative cullet in flat glass production. LIFE12 ENV/BE/00021.
  4. LIFE in SustainaBuilding – Sustainable recycling in polyvalent use of energy saving building elements. LIFE13 ENV/IT/000535-A3.
  5. LIFE FRELP - Full Recovery End-of-Life Photovoltaic. LIFE12 ENV/IT/000904.
  6. Hydroweee demo - Innovative Hydrometallurgical Processes to recover Metals from WEEE including lamps and batteries: Demonstration. GA 308549.
  7. WEEEN Models - Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment. New models for logistic solutions. LIFE12 ENV/IT/001058
  8. Life-MED - Medical Equipment Discarded. A new integrated sistem for the discarded medical equipments' managment and upgrading. LIFE13 ENV/IT/000620
  9. LIFE-RECUMETAL - Design and development of a demonstrative pilot plant to recycle indium and yttrium. LIFE14 ENV/ES/000450.