Photolife Project & HI-Tech Ambiente: Press Release



The first press release of the Photolife Project is scheduled when the plant will be realized. It was selected the HI-TECH AMBIENTE magazine to make the first press release.

HI TECH AMBIENTE is a monthly paper with a national circulation of over 20,000 copies certified. The magazine has long been the leader in environmental information and it provides a complete overview of the technological innovation in the environmental sector. This magazine is also choice for the dissemination activity of some LIFE projects. It is the official organ of ASSITA - Italian Association of Environmental Technologies and it’s associated with EEP (European Environmental Press), European network of environmental technical press.


Press Release N.1 Contents:

  • A general descriptions of Photovoltaic Project;
  • General informations about the PV recovery process;
  • Overview on the pilot plant installation.